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  • Spry boiler suits ready for pre-order

    Something very exciting is finally happening: my first run of boiler suits are being put through the machines as I sit and type, and will be ready for sale at the beginning of November.

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  • The problem with pigs

    I met a charming man at a party who said that an awful lot of people have a go at keeping pigs, but few do it more than once. As the two tirelessly cheerful sows that live at the bottom of my field near the end their short lives, I am about to join the ranks of the ex pig keepers too. I just don't think I can go through with the trauma again.

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  • Who Knew?

    There I was thinking launching Spry Workwear would be a relative doddle....

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  • Black Lovage

    The vibrant yellow-green flowers srouting in glossy clumps on the East Suffolk verges were already inspiration enough, pushing their shoots up through the April mud to announce the spring like cow parsley's miscoloured cousin

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  • Reasons to be cheerful

    Spring is here.
    The bluebells are out.
    Its nearly festival season.
    The Spry Workwear samples are almost finished.

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  • Spry Workwear coming soon

    We are working as fast as we can!

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