Who Knew?

Hats off to fashion start-ups. There I was thinking launching Spry Workwear would be a relative doddle. I had (still have, actually) a clear idea of the product- covetable, hard wearing, super stylish- and an informed view of my target audience (you).

I had found a London studio willing to work with me on the designs, and a Suffolk web and logo designer. Toiles have been fitted, samples made, logos polished, and a shiny new website launched. But actual product, in the right fabric, within budget, pressed, packed and ready to go? Whoever knew how complicated it would be never let on...

Who knew that zips were so difficult to source? That the Italians, makers of the sexiest, most desirable fasteners, won’t trade with you unless you're VAT registered and want to buy in the tens, not thousands? And now that I have an opinion on zips, nothing less will do. Buttons are another maze: I want beautiful, vintage metal buttons, but I also want continuity. I want the buttons to add a little luxury to the product, and I don’t want to buy them in weight from China. Who knew about these small, mind-boggling, but crucial choices?

But I am almost there, and the first pieces are tantalisingly close. I have just placed an order for labels- again, who knew how tricky that would be- and found a British mill as a great source for beautiful, pre-washed denim (who knew that my first samples would shrink in the wash?) The launching of Spry Workwear continues to be an enormous learning curve, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And once you have seen the product you will be glad I went the distance.


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