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It’s not that long ago that I would have to explain, to generally bewildered listeners, and with disturbing frequency, why I was about to launch a boiler suit brand. I would gush that the boiler suit was not only a pretty awesome thing to wear, but also a contemporary take on power dressing, and the embodiment of female empowerment, no less. It was quite a hard sell to the uninitiated.


Today the landscape rather different. Boiler suits are everywhere- even in M&S. This is all good news for Spry Workwear. Call it zeitgeist precision, call it luck, but I have found myself at the forefront of the trend, and my boiler suits are enjoying a huge amount of air time. I have been quoted in the Times Magazine, in Vogue, in How to Spend It, all since the New Year. They are in the next series of Killing Eve (I know- how exciting is that?) and -fingers tightly crossed- have been called in by the costume departments of two major feature films (I will spill the beans the moment I know more).

Every time Spry Workwear is written about I feel a huge sense of pride. To have established myself as a niche brand, to be called a ‘fashion-insider favourite’, and to find myself sending boiler suits out all over the world is at times surreal, particularly from my position of relative isolation in the Suffolk countryside.

 My message is the antithesis of fast fashion: I am asking customers to buy once, and to buy well, to invest in a piece of locally made British workwear and to keep wearing it for life. The irony is that fast fashion seems to have caught on for the time being- follow the boiler suit hashtag on Instagram and count the imitations. But when the hype dies down and the high street moves on, remember that you saw it here first, and that your Spry boiler suit will be with you for a long time to come.   



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