Stop the press

This month Spry Workwear is featured in Red Magazine's Style section in a full-page story assessing how and why the boiler suit can be at once infinitely practical and ridiculously sexy. Cue Marilyn Monroe, Sigorni Weaver, and the new season collection from Dior.                           It is so exciting, as a small, start-up brand, to have this level of national press, and it has generated a flurry of activity and orders on the website.    In writing the piece, my previous and current lines of work met for an electrifying few days as the former journalist in me tried to articulate my current status as fledging designer and brand director.                                Needless to say I am very pleased, not least with the endorsement from a major national magazine, but also with the chance to express myself for once in words, not cotton twill. 



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