Taking stock

Three brown boxes of boilersuits were waiting for me when I got home. Three brown boxes that made my heart leap and my pulse race. This is the first consignment of stock, something I have been longing for, and something which signals the real start of Spry Workwear's progression from idea to retail reality.


It had always been my intention to start a company that would somehow tie all of the fraying ends of my life together: a company that I could run, at least at the start, from my office in the garden in Suffolk, and a company that would strengthen my ties with this part of the world, rather than pull me away from it.


These three brown boxes are brimming with boilersuits made in a local factory, employing local people, in a tradition that dates back to the early 19th centuty. The Spry Classic boilersuit is made from traitional navy blue sail cloth by a group of expert machinists who have been making workman's overall's for decades. This is their first foray into stylish boilersuits for women, and, I hope, the start of a new chapter in locally made, thoughtfully designed women's workwear. 



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