• Taking stock

    Three brown boxes of boilersuits were waiting for me when I got home. Three brown boxes that made my heart leap and my pulse race. This is the first consignment of stock, something I have been longing for, and something which signals the real start of Spry Workwear's progression from idea to retail reality. Save View Post
  • Spry boiler suits ready for pre-order

    Something very exciting is finally happening: my first run of boiler suits are being put through the machines as I sit and type, and will be ready for sale at the beginning of November.
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  • The problem with pigs

    I met a charming man at a party who said that an awful lot of people have a go at keeping pigs, but few do it more than once. As the two tirelessly cheerful sows that live at the bottom of my field near the end their short lives, I am about to join the ranks of the ex pig keepers too. I just don't think I can go through with the trauma again.

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