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Red Magazine October 2017: Spry Workwear is featured in a full page piece on boiler suits, written by Spry founder Daisy Bridgewater. 

About Fram Summer 2017 issue : Article on Spry Workwear, Daisy Bridgewater and the story behind the brand.

I am thrilled to have been featured in this Homeworks blogpost 

I will be taking part in their Christmas Bazar on 4th December. Come and say hello..!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Meet the Maker - Spry Workwear

Today’s Meet the Maker is all about Spry Workwear, traditional clothing re-imagined for the modern woman. It’s a new venture from journalist Daisy Bridgewater, a long time supporter of Homeworks and small creative businesses.

We asked her a few questions about what inspired her to launch Spry Workwear:

When did you set up your company?:
Spry Workwear is both a brand new venture and a response to the many years I have spent peering into other people’s lives as a journalist. I have worked as a freelance journalist for years, most recently as a columnist for the Telegraph Magazine (I used to have a weekly shopping page called Children’s Notebook). Before that I was the Telegraph’s Interiors Editor, and I continue to write about houses for glossy magazines. But whilst writing about other people’s creative endeavours is fascinating, I have long-harboured the dream to build my own business.
Spry Workwear is literally brand new - this will be my first selling experience and I am thrilled to be part of Homeworks.

What inspired you to start your company?:
I am based in East Suffolk, quite near to the sea, and quite far from London.

The inspiration for Spry came whilst working as a freelance journalist. When home becomes workplace, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of putting yourself together for the day, even if it is just for yourself. How many of us have spent the day in baggy leggings and a favourite jumper - but what if a friend shows up, or you suddenly have to rush out to meet an editor/teacher/colleague? Fleeces do nothing for the self esteem!
This led me to think about all of the multi-functional, thoughtfully designed, practical but innately stylish clothes that were not in my wardrobe. And from this void, Spry Workwear was born.

At Homeworks, I will be selling my boiler suit, a re-working of a vintage mechanic's overall made in East Anglia from traditional navy blue sail cloth. I have 5 other pieces in the collection, all of which are in the sampling stage, but I should have my aprons with cross-over straps, deep pockets and a gentle, A-line cut, again made from traditional sailcloth fabrics.

I will have samples of the whole collection, ready to pre-order.

Spry Workwear will be at Homeworks on Sunday 4 December, 10-2pm




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